• Lisztstr.1
    1030 Wien

The Akademietheater was built in the years 1911 to 1913 by the architects Fellner, Hellmer and Ludwig Baumann and is since 1922 the second stage of the Burgtheater. The unique stage situation in the Akademietheater, the special proximity and concentration of the room offer the best conditions for a energetic theatre, which is appreciated by directos, performers and audiences alike. (Source: Burghtheater)

The Akademietheater in the Lisztstraße (next to the Konzerthaus in Vienna) was built between 1911 and 1913 by the architects Ludwig Baumann and “Fellner und Hellmer”. It was originally planned as a training stage and affiliated to the Burgtheater, which is why many actors perform on both stages. In 1922, the Akademietheater was opened with a performance of Goethe’s “Iphigenie auf Tauris”. The audience area was rebuilt in 1975. Since then 500 seats, 32 standing places and 4 wheelchair bays have been constructed for visitors. Several premieres were celebrated in the Akademietheater, e.g. “Brillanten aus Wien” by Alexander Steinbrecher in 1943, “Die Kommune” by Thomas Vinterberg in 2011 and several plays by Roland Schimmelpfennig: “Ende und Anfang” in 2006, “Der goldene Drache” in 2009 or “Das fliegende Kind” in 2012. Other directors which have been active in the Akademietheater are David Bösch, Alvis Hermanis, Nicolas Stemann, Stefan Bachmann, Andrea Berth, Luc Bondy, Peter Zadek and George Tabori. The programme in the Akademietheater consists predominantly, but not only, of contemporary works. Currently, the following plays are being performed: “Die Wiedervereinigung der beiden Koreas” by Joël Pommerat, “Die Präsidentinnen” by Werner Schwab, “Dosenfleisch” and “Der Herzerlfresser” by Ferdinand Schmalz, “Endspiel” by Samuel Beckett, “Der Talisman” by Johann Nestroy, “Bella Figura” by Yasmina Reza, “Diese Geschichte von Ihnen” by John Hopkins, “Die Welt im Rücken” by Thomas Melle, “Das Konzert” by Hermann Bahr, “Claus Peymann kauft sich eine Hose und geht mit mir essen” by Thomas Bernhard and “Coriolan” by William Shakespeare. Furthermore the works “Eiswind /Hideg Szelek”, a collaboration between the Burgtheater and Hungarian actors, “Ein europäisches Abendmahl” with five female authors from five different countries or the puppet theater “F. Zawrel – erbbiologisch und sozial minderwertig” are performed at the Akademietheater. Take a night off and enjoy a breathtaking evening in the Akademietheater. Book your tickets at viennaticket.at now!