Imperial chapel

  • Hofburg - Schweizerhof
    1010 Wien

The "Wiener Hofmusikkapelle" is one of the oldest institutions of its type in the world. The ensemble of the "Wiener Hofmusikkapelel" consists of the Wiener Sängerknaben, members of the male choir and the orchestra of the Viennese Staatsoper. Category 1: good view of altar or orchestra Category 2: view of altar or orchestra Category 3: limited view Category 4: no view, listening tickets (Source: Hofmusikkapelle)

The “Wiener Hofmusikkapelle“ is a band with the place of residence in the “Schweizerhof” of the “Hofburg”. In 1498, the year of establishment, Maximilian I. ordered the employment of a Singing master, two bassists and six choir boys. During the time of his regency they started going on a tour: To Augsburg, Bruneck, Linz, Nürnberg and even to Innsbruck. In the course of time many famous musicians of the Viennese musical-scene took up contact: Antonio Salieri and Hans Richter as court conductors, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as court composer, Anton Bruckner as court organist and Franz Schubert as choir boy. More famous names, which can be linked to the “Wiener Hofmusikkapelle” are Franz Schalk, Josef Krips, Ferdinand Grossmann and Hans Gillesberger. Today the ensemble of the “Wiener Hofmusikkapelle” consists of the members of the men’s choir and the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Boys Choir. The “Hofburgkapelle”, which was first named in a certificate in 1296, is used by the “Wiener Hofmusikkapelle” to make music, which in the course of the time was redesigned by the current emperor. The design of the “Hofmusikkapelle” is based on the wishes of Franz II and Maria Theresia. After the end of the monarchy the supervision of the “Wiener Hofmusikkapelle” fell into the hands of the Ministry of Education, since 2014 the Chancellor's Office takes on the administration. Every Sunday (except the summer month July and August) the “Wiener Hofmusikkapelle” performs in the “Hofburgkapelle” and accompanies the Sunday Mass, with weekly changing works. Additionally, in 2017 on Easter Monday the event “Osterklang-Totentanz” takes place, at which works by Richard Wagner, Modest Mussorgsky, Franz Liszt and Franz Schubert are performed by Markus Butter (Baritone) and Christopher Hinterhuber (Piano). Save yourself tickets for many inspiring moments in the “Hofmusikkapelle” and book your tickets at!