Raimund Theater

  • Wallgasse 18-20
    1060 Wien

In the year of 1890, a group of Viennese joined together to create a "Viennese popular theatre club" outside the city centre. This was designed for a wide circle of visitors, especially from the "lower classes". At highly reduced, affordable prices one could view patriotic folk tales, both told and sung, join in singing games and experience relevant works all in the field of folk music. Since 1976 the RAMINUD THEATER began occasionally adding musicals to its repertoire, such as Kurt Weills’ Lady in the Dark. Between 1984 and 1985 RAIMUND THEATER was renovated. In 1987, it was incorporated into the VBW and has since become a well-established venue for large musical productions. (Source: Musicalvienna)

The Raimundtheater is in Mariahilf, the 6th Viennese district, and nowadays primarily musicals are performed there. The Raimundtheater was founded in 1893 and opened with the magic play “Die gefesselte Phantasie” by Ferdinand Raimund, the name giver of the house. Originally it was planned to perform classic folk plays and vaudeville, in the course of time operettas became famous and much emphasis was put in this genre. The operettas, which have been performed in the Raimundtheater, were partially very successful, leading to performances over many years like for instance “Das Dreimäderlhaus” (Heinrich Berté) which has been performed over 1200 times on the stage between 1916 and 1927. Famous people who performed at that time in the Raimundtheater are Karl Skraup, Attila Hörbiger, Paula Wessely, Hansi Niese, Johannes Heesters, Zarah Leander and Marika Rökk. Other famous artist, which performed years later in the Raimundtheater are Karl Skraup, Attila Hörbiger, Paula Wessely, Hansi Niese, Johannes Heesters, Zarah Leander und Marika Rökk. Musicals, which are still performed at the Raimundtheater are „A Chorus Line“, „Les Misérables“, „Phantom der Oper“, „Kuss der Spinnenfrau“, „Rocky Horror Show“, „Die Schöne und das Biest“, „Tanz der Vampire“, „Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat“, „Hair“, „Wake Up“, „Barbarella“, „Romeo und Julia“, „We will rock you“, „Rebecca“, „Rudolf – Affaire Mayerling“, „Ich war noch niemals in New York“, „Elisabeth“ and „Mamma Mia!“. One can find on the current program of the Raimundtheater the musical “Schikaneder”, which deals with the special marriage of Emanuel Schikaneder and his wife Eleonore, a love story behind “The Magic Flute”. Mid-September the musical “I am from Austria” will be performed at the Raimundtheater, which deals with an Austrian movie star, who becomes internationally famous and returns for the opera ball, accompanied with many songs by Austrian singer Rainhard Fendrich. Save yourself tickets for a stunning evening in the Raimundtheater and book your tickets at viennaticket.at!