• Die Walküre

    Die Walküre

    Opera by Richard Wagner State Opera Vienna - Wien
    Opernring 1
    1010 Wien

    Die Walküre State Opera Vienna - Wien Sun 08.Apr 2018 17:00
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    Die Walküre State Opera Vienna - Wien Sun 22.Apr 2018 16:30
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    Exhausted by the escape, Siegmund finds a house. Sieglinde, the resident of the house offers him meals and refuge. But when her husband, Hunding, comes home, he recognizes Siegmund as the man he previously hunted. Hunding does not want to break the right to hospitality and lets him sleep in his house for one night. However, he has to face him the next day. Sieglinde recognizes the stranger has her own twin brother and therefore tries to save him. Die Walküre is next to das Rheingold the first part of the tetralogy and illustrates as the most romantic part the issue of love.

    The tetralogy consists of:

    - Das Rheingold

    - Die Walküre

    - Siegfried

    - Götterdämmerung

    Richard Wagner worked on the tetralogy from 1848 - 1874 and das Rheingold premiered in 1870, one year after the release of das Rheingold, in the Munich national theatre. The “Walkürenritt" by Wagner is today still one of the most known orchestral pieces.

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