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    Ariadne on Naxos evolved from the third collaboration between Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Together with her three nymphs Najade, Dryade and Echo, Ariadne retreats, with a broken heart, to the island of Naxos. When a stranger arrives at the island, Ariadne believes that Hermes, the death messenger, has come to get her. The stranger, however, turns out to be Bacchus, the god of wine. Bacchus is fascinated by the beauty of Ariadne and Ariadne awakens, driven by love, again to new life.

    At the premiere in 1912 the work was considered a failure due to the strong combination of acting and opera. After an extensive revision, which was performed in Vienna in 1916, the new version was performed in the most famous opera houses, and especially in Vienna and Salzburg the opera is part of the regular schedule. Save yourself tickets for the Vienna State Opera and book tickets now at www.viennaticket.at.