• FAB FOX - Fabulous

    FAB FOX - Fabulous

    Stadthalle Halle F - Wien
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    1150 Wien

    FAB FOX - Fabulous Stadthalle Halle F - Wien Sat 20.Jan 2024 19:00
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    FAB FOX - Fabulous Stadthalle Halle F - Wien Sun 21.Jan 2024 15:00
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    Austria's biggest magic show

    A young man from Lower Austria follows in the footsteps of Harry Houdini and David Copperfield. At only 23 years of age, Fabian Blochberger alias FAB FOX from Krumbach in Lower Austria has achieved what many dream of: his own brilliant magic show that can compete with the great role models in Las Vegas. And indeed, after two years of intensive preparation, "FABULOUS" plays all the magic tricks. The show features acts that have never been seen before on local stages: a real aeroplane appears on stage in a flash, spectators are teleported through space and time and the artist amazes with seemingly impossible predictions. The magical highlight is a life-threatening fire stunt that would probably have made even the legendary Harry Houdini break out in a sweat.

    "I want to get away from the cliché of a magician pulling a rabbit out of his black top hat. My aim is to show that magic is young, modern, cheeky and fun," explains FAB FOX. Ticket sales prove that the concept is a hit. Already at the start of the last tour, the first five locations were sold out after a short time.


    (Source: Stadthalle Vienna)