Konzerthaus Mozart Saal

  • Lothringerstrasse 20
    1030 Wien

The Wiener Konzerthaus is one of the largest and most artistically progressive institutions in international musical life. During the course of a season, which extends from September to June, some 750 wide-ranging events take place and more than 600,000 visitors can listen to around 2,500 different compositions. With this comprehensive and varied selection, the Wiener Konzerthaus – together with the Vienna State Opera House and the Musikverein – is central to Vienna’s reputation as one of the world’s leading music capitals.

The Wiener Konzerthaus was built following the draft of Ludwig Baumann, an Austrian architect. It was part of a so called “Olympion” at that time: A bicycle club, an ice skating ring, an open air arena and several concert halls. The Konzerthaus, in contrast to the Musikverein, which is within walking distance and close to the Akademietheater, should attract a wider audience than the Musikverein. Parts of the Olympion, like the ice skating ring or the concert halls were actually implemented, others dismissed or had to partially or completely yield to the building of other buildings. In October of 1913, the Konzerthaus was ceremoniously opened, Richard Strauss composed his “Festliches Präludium op. 61” for this occasion and Emperor Franz Josef attended as well. Today, the Konzerthaus consists of four concert halls: The Big hall, the Mozart Hall, the Schubert Hall and the Berio Hall. Concerts can take place in all four halls at the same time since there are no acoustic interferences. In the beginning, the program of the Konzerthaus consisted of classical works, premieres of composers like Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Arnold Schönberg, Folk concerts and Jazz concerts, dancing events, poetry readings, ball highlights, many congresses, fencing and boxing championships and speeches held on various topics. Nowadays, the program at the Wiener Konzerthaus consists of performances by the Wiener Symphoniker, Wiener Kammerorchesters, ORF Radio-Symphonieorchesters Wien, NHK Symphony Orchestras, Irish Chamber Orchestras, Zagreber Philharmonie, Taiwan Philharmonic, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra or the Curtis Symphony Orchestras. Additional artists which will perform at the Wiener Konzerthaus are Lizz Wright, Kirill Gerstein, the Musicbanda Franui, the Matti Bye Ensemble, MusicAeterna, John Malkovich, Martin Haselböck, Wolfgang Mitterer, Norbert Schneider, José Carreras, Stefan Mikisch or Reinhard Mey. The Konzerthaus also hosts many balls, conferences, presentations and company celebrations. Reserve your tickets for a breathtaking evening in the Wiener Konzerthaus at viennaticket.at!