• Daphne


    Opera by Richard Strauss State Opera Vienna - Wien
    Opernring 1
    1010 Wien

    Daphne State Opera Vienna - Wien Fri 01.Dec 2017
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    Daphne State Opera Vienna - Wien Mon 04.Dec 2017
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    Daphne State Opera Vienna - Wien Thu 07.Dec 2017
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    Daphne, the 13th opera by Richard Strauss with the libretto by Joseph Gregor, was born out of the inspiration of the sculpture, Apollo and Daphne, by Bernini. At the premiere in Dresden, the opera was gained already appreciation across Europe, but was hardly performed during and after the war. The story of opera is based on one of the most famous ideas of musical history, the legend of the nymph Daphne.

    From the first of December to the seventh of December, Daphne’s solo scenes, which are considered as the most beautiful pieces Strauss ever had written up to then, can be heard in Vienna State Opera  Save yourself tickets now at www.viennaticket.at.