• Fête Impériale

    Fête Impériale

    Spanish Riding School - Wien
    Michaelerplatz 1
    1010 Wien

    Fête Impériale Spanish Riding School - Wien Fri 29.Jun 2018 20:15
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    An exclusive event for special people...

    Order of Event:

    8.15 pm Admission for guests without a box or table ticket: Josefsplatz
    Admission for guests with a box or table ticket and Cocktail Reception under the Michaela's Cupola

    9.00 pm Festive Procession from the Michaela's Cupola into the Winter Riding School with the Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister

    9.45 pm Grand Opening of the Fête Impériale 2017 in the Winter Riding School, Live-broadcast in the Stable Castle and the Summer Riding School
    Entry of the Riders, Entry of the debutant's committee

    Afterwards Music & dancing

    10.15 pm Barbara Helfgott and the Rondo Vienna
    11:45 pm Midnight interlude followed by Traditional Quadrille under the direction of Prof. Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer
    02:00 am Disco

    10.15 pm
    01:30 am Quadrille, dancing school Elmayer

    10.15 pm "The Coffe Club Band"
    01:30 am Quadrille
    04.00 am End of the Fête Impériale 2017

    Dress Code:
    Ladies: full-length ball gown
    Gentlemen: white tie

    (source: Spanish Riding School)