• Dorian Gray

    Dorian Gray

    Akademietheater - Wien
    1030 Wien

    Dorian Gray Akademietheater - Wien Thu 02.Nov 2017 20:00
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    Dorian Gray Akademietheater - Wien Wed 15.Nov 2017 20:00
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    The Picture of Dorian Gray ist the only novel by the Irish writer Oscar Wilde. Dorian Gray, the main protagonist, does not age, but instead his portrait gets older.  The wish of eternal youth of our world today could have been hardly better realized than under Bastian Kraft's direction of Dorian Gray in the Akademietheater. Together with the actor Markus Meyer, who manages to fill the stage with his solo performance, the work gets new life breathed in. Save yourself tickets for the Akademietheater and book now at viennaticket.at