• Der Talisman

    Der Talisman

    Akademietheater - Wien
    1030 Wien

    Der Talisman Akademietheater - Wien Sat 23.Dec 2017 19:30
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    "Der Talisman" is a play in three acts by the Johann Nestroy and premiered in 1840 at the Theater an der Wien. Titus Feuerfuchs gets rejected by society because of his red hairs and is treated like an outsider. But when Titus Feuerfuchs saved the life of the barber Marquis, he gifts him a black wig which changes his life dramatically.Nestroy already practiced social criticism at his time with this work and even today, under the direction of David Bösch in the Akademietheater, the play could hardly be more relevant. Save yourself tickets for the Akademietheater and book now at viennaticket.at