• Engel des Vergessens

    Engel des Vergessens

    Maja Haderlap Akademietheater - Wien
    1030 Wien

    Engel des Vergessens Akademietheater - Wien Wed 14.Mar 2018 19:30
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    Engel des Vergessens Akademietheater - Wien Tue 20.Mar 2018 19:30
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    The by Georg Schmiedleitner directed play „Engel des Vergessens” is based on the novel of the same name by the with the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize awarded author Maja Haderlap. The work, almost autobiographical, allows the viewer to experience the inner strife of the Balkans caused by the Yugoslavian wars.

    “Engel des Vergessens” was awarded with the Bachmann-Price in 2011. Save yourself tickets for the Akademietheater and book now at viennaticket.at